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David Wilcock:
Crop Circle Prophecies — Cinematic Re-Upload!
David takes you on a thrill ride through the Book of Revelation, crop circles, the physics they reveal, and the prophecies that Earth will turn into the “New Jerusalem.”

This was originally broadcast as a livestream. Many images were missing and various other mistakes occurred. Now you can watch it as a fully-realized and perfected two-hour movie!

MANY bonuses have been added that were not in the original — including detailed new quotes from the Book of Revelation!

Even if you’ve seen this before, you’re going to want to see it again. David even deciphers the Archangel Michael crop circles of 2023!

David’s new online course, Sacred Science of the Michael Prophecies, is available at

Sacred Science an eleven-part, ten-plus-hour online master class in the exotic and fascinating scientific breakthroughs of Archangel Michael that David has fastidiously developed over the last 30-plus years.

David is joined by the ‘Cosmic’ insider Chris Beskar, CEO of Stavatti Aerospace, for a “peer review” of this data.

The results are eminently watchable and deeply fascinating and inspiring for our future, featuring seven different camera angles and over 700 slides in ten and a half hours.

This course also includes all seven of the Michael Prophecies books, ready to go as deliverables from the moment you sign up — just like the eleven-part course with cinematic production value.

Furthermore, the course ALSO will include the Spirit of the Michael Prophecies, where David summarizes the main talking points and prophecies from each book — in a course that should run even longer than Sacred Science once completed.

We are putting the slides together now and hope to have it ready soon, within a few weeks.

Your support is vital to our survival. Thank you so much for helping us stay on the air!


Please be advised that David does not contact anyone in the comments section, nor…

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