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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A bipartisan group of top Ohio lawmakers are urging the U.S. Space Force to select the state as the headquarters for a testing mission designed to evaluate the capabilities of the force’s squadrons.

The legislators argue a Space Force mission named “Delta 12” should be based in Sandusky given the area’s Neil Armstrong Test Facility is home to world-class space simulation capabilities, a letter signed by Sen. Sherrod Brown, Sen. JD Vance and other lawmakers to the Department of Defense said.

“Ohio is a space state,” the letter states, also signed by Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus), Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Troy) and more. “Our state is integral to the history of flight, and because of our manufacturing prowess, federal assets, world-class research institutions, and skilled workforce, the future of aviation and space innovation will take place in Ohio.”

Delta 12 is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of advancements in combat space systems, and its squadrons depend on access to operationally realistic environments. The legislators said the Armstrong facility can provide Delta 12 with the ability to conduct testing in hypersonics, in-space propulsion and electric aircraft testing.

In addition, NASA’s Glenn Research Center, which houses the Armstrong facility in Sandusky, features the world’s largest and most powerful space environment simulation facilities. Locating Delta 12 in Ohio would also allow the mission to collaborate with the National Space Intelligence Center, the Department of Defense’s primary source for space intelligence headquartered in Dayton.

The letter cites the CHIPS and Science Act, a multibillion-dollar package providing $52 billion in incentives and tax credits for semiconductor chip makers like Intel, which the legislators say is fueling a high-tech manufacturing boom in Ohio.

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