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DALLAS — Dutch politics took an unexpected swerve last week, which may have significant ramifications to the contentious planned capacity reduction at Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS).

It has been reported that the coalition government led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte has collapsed, due to irreconcilable differences between ruling political parties over the nation’s immigration policy. The Dutch political system is now languishing in the doldrums.

But why could this news be music to the ears of those that are opposed to the capacity cuts?

For now, it remains to be seen if the collapse of the government could be ‘too little too late’, following the government’s successful appeal last week to press on with the decrease in capacity. Nonetheless, such political disarray can only strike a favorable chord with the likes of home based carrier KLM (KL).

Despite some Dutch media outlets speculating that a snap general election could be planned for this fall, it should be borne in mind that politics in the Netherlands is an incredibly intricate affair.

Home carrier KLM stands to suffer the greatest from the proposed capacity cuts. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways

Puzzling Politics

A swathe of political parties cover a wide section of the Dutch political spectrum, which results in the wishes of a relatively small electorate, being spread across a broad base of political parties. This has led to coalition politics being the norm in the country for some time. This occurs when there is insufficient support for a single party. In turn, this requires two or more entities formulating a partnership to govern.

The reason why opponents to the cuts may have reason to cheer, lies in the time it will take for a new administration to be installed. The longer this process takes, the longer those fighting against the capacity cuts have to painstakingly explore legal avenues to halt the recent appeal, if possible. Until a new government is sworn in, the…

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