Congresswoman ‘Believes’ U.S. Has UFOs Of Non-Human Origin | UAP Video

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Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna of Florida recently stated that she “absolutely believes” the recent whistleblowers’ claims that the U.S. has UFOs of “non-human origin.”

Luna, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform who attended a classified hearing on UFOs in January, also said she believes that some of these UFOs could contain “inter-dimensional beings.”

On The Grant Mitt Podcast this week Luna revealed that she and two other Congressmen visited Eglin Air Force Base because a whistleblower came forward “saying that the Air Force was essentially covering up UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UFO] activity and we needed to look into it.”

“We coordinated the meeting,” Luna continued. “The Pentagon tried to initially cancel the first one.

“We got it back on the books. We show up there, and we get in, and the base commander tried to basically tell us that we didn’t have authorized clearance to look into and speak to some of the witnesses.

“You don’t tell Congress that we don’t have the authorized clearance, especially members of House Armed Services, Oversight, and Judiciary.”

Anna Paulina Luna then told Grant Mitterlehner, “I can tell you based on my investigations not in a classified setting that I absolutely believe that they there is things that are advanced technologies not of human origin.

“And then we conducted the interview with [whistleblower] David Grusch, as you saw it was one of the most widely attended Congressional hearings in U.S. history. The information that was brought forward was particularly alarming because you’re hearing about people that have potentially been murdered and covering up this information.”

One of those Congressmen who went with her to visit Eglin Air Force Base was Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett.

Burchett has been one of the most outspoken legislators when it comes to criticizing the…

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