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DALLAS – Chinese aircraft manufacturer Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has debuted at the Vietnam Airshow, showcasing its domestically developed passenger jets, the C919 and ARJ21. This appearance follows their successful debut at the Singapore Airshow 2024, which was the first time the aircraft was displayed outside of China.

After making their first international airshow appearance, the two COMAC aircraft departed from Singapore to Vietnam’s Van Don International Airport (VDO) in Quang Ninh Province on Monday.

After landing at VDO in northern Vietnam on February 26, the two aircraft are now part of a dedicated “COMAC Airshow” taking place until February 29th. This event allows potential buyers and industry professionals to get a closer look at the jets and experience their capabilities through demonstration flights.

Chengdu Airlines (EU) was the launch customer of the ARJ21. Photo: Honeywell Aerospace.

COMAC’s Southeast Asia Demo Tour

The demonstration flight tour is set to cover five Southeast Asian countries, as reported by China Media Group (CMG). Following the Vietnam Airshow, the C919 and ARJ21 are scheduled to embark on a two-week demonstration tour across Southeast Asia, visiting Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

COMAC aims these demonstration flights to evaluate their suitability for different airports and routes in Southeast Asia, paving the way for future regional market expansion, as stated by CMG.

The Chinese manufacturer is expecting to generate interest and potentially secure orders for the COMAC jets in the region’s growing aviation market.

COMAC C919 rollout for China Eastern Airlines. Photo: COMAC

COMAC’s C919 and ARJ21

The C919 is a narrow-body jet with a maximum capacity of 192 passengers, designed to compete with the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320 family. The ARJ21-700, on the other hand, is a smaller regional jet offering a maximum seating capacity of 90…

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