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Dallas – Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has shown off its narrow-body C919 during a fly-by at the Singapore Airshow on February 18.  This is the first time the Chinese aircraft has been exhibited outside of Chinese territory. The C919 was one of two commercial aircraft manufacturers flying their planes on Singapore’s coast alongside Airbus at Asia’s biggest air show. Boeing will not display any commercial aircraft at this year’s event.

China has invested heavily in its attempt to compete with Airbus and Boeing, the dominant aircraft manufacturers in the global passenger market. MalayMail reports that China is keen to advance the C919 as well as COMAC’s footprint domestically and internationally. However, the model is only certified within China. The first of four C919s began flying with China Eastern Airlines (MU) last year.

COMAC C-919 rollout for China Eastern Airlines. Photo: COMAC

COMAC Enters Global Aviation Landscape

This may well be an ideal moment for COMAC to enter the global commercial passenger market, positioning itself as a suitable alternative to Airbus and Boeing. Both manufacturers are struggling to meet the current demand for new planes. Boeing has also been beset with other crises surrounding safety issues.

COMAC says it will invest billions of Yuan over the next three to five years to expand its capacity to produce its C919. Last month China’s Aviation Authority also said it would be pursuing European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) validation for the C919 this year.

COMAC has two passenger products: the ARJ21 regional jet and the larger C919 twin-engine narrow-body airliner offering 158-192 seats, which compete with Airbus’ A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX models. The C919 made its first flight outside of mainland China last December, to Hong Kong (HKG). ARJ21s are currently being operated by Indonesia’s TransNusa Air (8B).

Insiders in the aviation industry caution that while only…

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