Classified UFO briefing provided ‘validity to what’s been said’: Burchett | Science & Technology

WASHINGTON (NewsNation) — Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., said Friday’s classified UFO briefing “provided some validity to what’s been said” in prior testimony about the unexplained sightings.

“We are gonna have more hearings. What it really did was energize people that are very frustrated,” Burchett said during an appearance Friday night on “CUOMO.”

This was not the first briefing lawmakers have gotten on unidentified aerial phenomena, but Burchett and others have expressed frustration at what he calls a lack of transparency. Burchett believes the Pentagon is holding back information, even in the briefings.

Directly after the UFO briefing, Burchett told NewsNation’s chief Washington correspondent Blake Burman he has more questions. For now, he plans to gather an “excellent list of witnesses for the next hearing,” but he won’t disclose the names for privacy reasons.

According to briefing notes obtained by NewsNation, lawmakers asked about allegations raised by Air Force veteran David Grusch, who, as a whistleblower, shared exclusive details with NewsNation before testifying in Congress.

Grusch brought his concerns to the inspector general; allegedly, his information includes classified material that couldn’t be disclosed publicly.

In his NewsNation interview, Grusch claimed the government has recovered non-human spacecraft of exotic origin. He claims he’s seen evidence of a secret UFO crash retrieval program.

NewsNation’s Tom Dempsey contributed to this report.

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