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Earlier this month, China launched an experimental spaceplane into low Earth orbit.

The reusable craft, which was sent into space at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on December 14, ended up having some unexpected company: six UFOs.

“The test spacecraft will operate in orbit for a period of time and then return to a scheduled landing site in China,” Xinhua reported.

“During this period, reusable technology verification and space science experiments will be carried out as planned to provide technical support for the peaceful use of space.”

What Xinhua didn’t report, however, was that following the launch of the Shenlong (“Divine Dragon”) robotic space plane, six UFOs (referred to as OBJECTS A-F by astronomer and satellite tracker Scott Tilley in a followup report) appeared out of nowhere trailing the craft and they were all emitting signals on repeat.

“OBJECT A’s or nearby emission is reminiscent of earlier Chinese space plane ‘wingman’ emissions in the sense the signal is modulated with a limited amount of data,” Tilley told via email. “There is speculation that the emission from OBJECT A may be from an object close to it, but this is speculation not based on any evidence I’m aware of.”

“Something we should watch for is close encounters between OBJECT A and OBJECTs D and E. D and E are in fairly elliptical…

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