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China Stealth Warship.png

China’s mystery stealth-shaped warship out at sea from the shipyard in Dalian. (Image credit: Weibo/Telegram)

The ship has emerged at a time when navies are exploring ways to unburden bigger capital warships like destroyers of routine tasks.

Photos of what appears to be a Chinese stealth warship on social media during its maiden sea voyage have raised intrigue, baring both its navy’s force multiplying effects and new naval warfare concepts. The ship design shares striking similarities with Sweden’s Visby-class stealth corvettes, with angled surfaces and an integrated mast with no protruding antennas.

While the ship remains unidentified, it nevertheless seems to be in consonance with an emerging naval thinking to possess medium-sized to small vessels to take the load off frontline destroyers. This is while being armed with potent sensors, radars and guided anti-air and anti-ship missiles.

Such designs are highly useful in littoral zones, which characterize many of the maritime regions in the SCS (South China Sea), particularly along the First Island Chain. Here, China has long been locked in maritime boundary claims with countries like the Philippines and Vietnam.

Images Appear at Shipyard and then Sea Trials

Naval expert and retired submariner Tom Shugart, estimated the ship is 97-meters long, and is a “stealthy surface combatant.” The ship was first seen in…


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