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Congratulations to Andrew Schermerhorn, EAA 1467594, former membership intern with EAA, as he recently earned his private pilot certificate!

Andrew, a student at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, is from the Neenah, Wisconsin, area, so he grew up going to AirVenture with his family. Andrew did not realize how big of a deal AirVenture truly was as a kid. His thought of it was just an air show that happens every summer. Growing up, Andrew was involved with KidVenture and saw the Blue Angels when they performed in Oshkosh. This made him fall in love with all aspects of aviation. When approaching the end of high school, Andrew chose to attend Kaneisha College in Buffalo, New York, for a D1 offer to play lacrosse, pursuing a business degree. Later in his college career, he decided business was not for him and changed his major to biology. After traveling across the country with the lacrosse team, he decided biology was not for him. So, he chose to major in psychology. As the season ended, Andrew realized there might be another adventure around the horizon.

He realized he’d always been interested in aviation and put it aside after high school to try out athletics in college. After hearing stories from people around him involved with aviation, he decided he needed to try and pursue it — and to see if aviation would turn out to be his most incredible adventure. Andrew went looking for experience in his area, so he ended up interning at EAA, working in membership services. He learned a lot by answering questions from members he would speak to in his position. After working with EAA and seeing what the world of aviation could give him, he decided to stay with it and transfer to Lewis University.

“I transferred to Lewis and got the discovery flight over the summer my mom signed me up for. Lewis became a good combination where I could pursue aviation and still play lacrosse,” Andrew said, “So I got to Lewis, and I started working on my private…

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