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DALLAS — Today, in 2005, Chubu Centrair (Central Japan) International Airport (NGO) officially opened its doors to airlines, sea freight, and the public.

Previously, the region was served by Nagoya Airport (NKM). However, capacity constraints for passenger and cargo flights, plus limitations on operating hours, meant the facility was bursting at the seams.

A line-up of some of the NGO’s various operators. Photo: Chubu Centrair (Central Japan) International Airport.

A New Airport Needed

Various world-leading companies in the region demanded that a new airport be built. They required a 24-hour operation with expansion space for passenger and cargo facilities and a runway long enough to handle long-haul flights.

Construction commenced in August 2005 with an artificial island built in the Bay of Ise. Two terminals serve the airport. Terminal One is the primary facility used by most airlines. It has two wings, one for international and one for domestic flights, plus a central pier.

Terminal Two is a smaller facility used by low-cost carriers. NGO is also Japan’s only airport to handle sea and air freight.

NGO opened just in time for the World Expo 2005 Aichi. The airport also has its exhibition center, which opened on August 30, 2019. It has six exhibition halls and has held numerous events.

Not Just An Airport

There is also an extensive shopping and dining complex known as “Flight of Dreams.” Visitors can find a prototype Boeing 787 and various exhibits from the American plane maker. The complex was built to honor the aircraft, large parts of which were constructed in the area.

Central Japan Int Airport also has a 300-meter-long observation deck called the “Sky Deck” to allow visitors to come and observe the airport’s movements. There are also public swimming baths on the fourth floor that enable views of take-offs and landings. A spotter’s…

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