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32 more A320neos and A321neos will enter service with Cathay Pacific and its subsidiary HK Express.

The A32oneo family continues to enjoy extraordinary growth in recent years with Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific announcing orders for 32 more of the type. The order consists of both the A320neo and A321neo, though the exact composition is unclear. The aircraft will be in service with both Cathay Pacific and its subsidiary HK Express, according to Barron’s.

Cathay Pacific had 32 A320neos on order originally. With the new addition, the total number of A320neos the group is expected to take will increase. Currently, Cathay Pacific operates the A321neo variant while HK Express operates both. The type is mostly flying on lower-demand routes from Hong Kong to East Asia.

Finally Recovering

One of the hardest hit airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cathay has turned a profit for the first time in three years, announcing a net profit of US$546 million for the first half of 2023. The positive earnings means that the airline will once again be looking at expanding services and regaining its market share.

The A350-1000 departs from Toulouse (Photo: Airbus)

One of the areas it is hoping to target is the China Mainland. Cathay has had success in connecting Hong Kong to the China Mainland, allowing Chinese travelers to connect to other destinations in its network. The new A320neos, according to its CEO, will be deployed on these routes and will enable Cathay to open more destinations in the region.

The Future of Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific started narrow-body operations in 2021 when Cathay Dragon, a former subsidiary of Cathay, was merged into Cathay Pacific. It ended its long history of exclusively wide-body fleet operation and started flying the…

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