Airbus updates A320 production rates in response to market environment

Airbus SE is updating its production rate planning for its A320 Family aircraft in response to the market environment. The new average production rates for the A320 Family will now lead to... Read more »

Airbus Confirms Increased A320 Production Rates

European manufacturer Airbus has today confirmed what was expected – production rates will remain lower for longer than expected. Widebody production rates will remain as they are today for some time. However,... Read more »

Airbus Reportedly Planning To Increase A320 Production

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is reportedly planning to ramp up the production of its A320 family of aircraft to surpass the monthly number of planes it manufactured in 2019. The Toulouse, France-based... Read more »

The Airbus A340-200 Vs. The A340-300 – What Are The Differences?

The Airbus A340 is a quadjet long-range airliner that the European manufacturer produced between 1991. At the start of this 20-year period, customers had a choice between just two variants: the -200... Read more »

What Was The Airbus A319LR?

The Airbus A319 is well-known for its short to medium-haul capabilities on routes that do not demand the larger A320. However, Airbus also produced examples of the type which were specially configured... Read more »

Airbus Hit As New US Tariffs Come Into Force

The United States is, from today, levying a 25% duty on imported aircraft parts coming from France and Germany. The tariff will have a significant effect on production of the Airbus A320... Read more »

Retired Hi Fly Airbus A380 Loses Coral Reef Livery

The sheer size of the Airbus A380 has rendered it one of the most visually-striking airliners of its generation. The most visually-striking livery seen on one in recent years is surely that... Read more »

Airbus delivers 566 aircraft in 2020, down 34%

In order to overcome international travel restrictions, the Airbus team developed an innovative e-delivery solution which represented more than 25% of the 2020 deliveries, allowing customers to receive their aircraft while minimizing... Read more »

Airbus Delivered 566 Commercial Aircraft To 87 Customers In 2020

Airbus today revealed its confirmed orders and deliveries for 2020. The figures showed that the European manufacturer delivered 566 aircraft to 87 different customers throughout the course of the year. The deliveries... Read more »

Airbus Looks To Have Beaten 2020 Delivery Goal

Airbus looks set to have beaten its 2020 delivery goal of 560 aircraft last year. The figures come despite the aviation industry falling back 21 years in 2020 due to the COVID-19... Read more »