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By Lisa Turner, EAA Lifetime 509911.

This piece originally ran in Lisa’s Airworthy column in the January 2024 issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.

If you’ve ever painstakingly designed and built furniture, machinery, or a custom home, you’ve probably found one or more errors after the build, despite the detailed planning you did. In that moment, you might have said to yourself, “You can’t find everything.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. As comforting as this rationalization is, it’s possible to get nearly everything right.

The trick to good planning lies in recognizing our tendency to rush a project. We all do it. We want to get it done because we are running out of time, we want to show it to others, or because we need it. We may have a personality that makes it hard to concentrate on the tiny details. Our pre-planning might have been inadequate.

There are many reasons we can end up with something that is not everything we’d hoped for. But once we understand the tendency to under-plan, we can correct it.

If you are building or rebuilding an airplane, success is in the details. The amount of forethought and planning will depend on the type of build. Plansbuilt and original build (where you’re the creator) will take the most planning. Quick-build kits will take the least. But even quick-build kits will benefit from the planning I’m about to talk about.

Spending pre-planning time on the following areas will make a safety and comfort difference once you get in the air in your new or restored aircraft. Add items to the list as you think of them.

Panel Mock-Ups

Growing up, I read many Tom Swift adventures. Imagining that I was building rockets, I would plan out what the instrument panels looked like. Later, when I got my first car, I added every gauge I could think of. I even installed a nonfunctional set of switches for my nieces and nephews who would play co-pilot and engineer when I drove them…

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