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On March 3, 2024, British Airways (BA) will celebrate a decade of flying between London and Austin in Texas, USA. To mark the tenth anniversary of its service to the southernmost state capital city in the contiguous US, the airline has partnered with a renowned Austin-based Texan barbecue restaurant to produce limited-edition bottles of barbecue sauce to present to Club World (business class) passengers flying on the airline between the cities throughout March 2024.

Emulating the famous sauce served by Frankies Barbecue restaurant situated in downtown Austin, BA’s version (appropriately branded as ‘BA-B-Q Sauce’) will be served to accompany a new Texan-inspired barbecue menu to be served onboard BA flights originating from Austin heading to London.

According to a statement by the airline, “The menu will showcase the rich and savory taste of Austin’s barbecue tradition, offering customers a culinary treat that pays homage to the city’s renowned barbecue culture and brings the essence of this vibrant city to the skies”.

Image British Airways.

Additionally, throughout March 2024, Club World and World Traveller Plus customers flying from Austin to London will have the option to sample a lightly smoked and succulent beef brisket dish, served with sweet corn pudding, lightly spiced bean stew, pickled cucumber, red onion, and vegetable slaw, all of which “capture the heart of Texas barbecue culture,” according to the airline. Further down the plane, World Traveller customers will be able to try a smoky chicken barbecue dish, served with tasty rice and beans.

“We’re excited to celebrate a decade of connecting Austin and London,” said Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer. “At British Airways we’re committed to providing an exceptional and original experience for our customers and we’re always looking for new ways to do that. Bringing the flavors of Austin to the skies with this special menu is one way for us to celebrate this…

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