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Brilliant Scientist Develops Decentralized
Radar Network for UFO Detection by Citizens
In this workshop, Mitch Randall will guide participants through the SkyWatch platform, empowering citizens to independently disclose information on alien visitation. The session meticulously addresses various barriers – social, political, scientific, and hardware-related – that hinder obtaining definitive answers regarding extraterrestrial visitation. Participants will acquire step-by-step knowledge to navigate these obstacles. The workshop illuminates why debunkers effortlessly dispute currently available data and underlines the unique significance of passive radar as the crucial tool for unambiguously affirming the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Furthermore, attendees will understand how the SkyWatch passive radar network ensures that critical data remains accessible to the public, making the results definitive and undebunkable.

SkyWatch is a decentralized radar network enabling citizens to detect sky anomalies with scientific rigor. It implements Peter Davenport’s concept, with receivers detecting distant, high-altitude objects, capturing rapid movements and accelerations. Developed alongside the Galileo Project, its next phase aims for nationwide deployment.
The system promises to provide the quantitative scientific data needed to answer questions citizens have been asking for decades. Link to the published paper: SkyWatch: A Passive Multistatic Radar Network for the Measurement of Object Position and Velocity –…

About Mitch Randell:

With an MSEE (1984) and MS in Physics (2000), Mitch Randall has been building scientific instrumentation and research radars since 1984. He’s known for pioneering modern Software Defined Radio receivers and developing critical technologies for meteorological weather radar. His inventions are integral in NCAR, NASA, and NOAA radars, and he’s contributed significantly to the development of 5G networks…

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