Bold: Airbus Reveals Colorful A220 Private Jet Interior

European manufacturer Airbus is best known for its wide range of commercial passenger and freight-carrying aircraft. However, the transnational planemaking juggernaut also caters to customers with more exclusive needs through its ‘Airbus Corporate Jets’ division. This part of the company has recently revealed a colorful cabin for a private A220.

The colorful cabin is the result of a collaboration with French artist Cyril Kongo. Photo: Airbus

A special cabin

Airbus revealed yesterday that it has partnered with French artist Cyril Kongo to design a special cabin for its ACJ TwoTwenty. This aircraft is Airbus Corporate Jets’ take on the A220 family. This design has taken the short-haul world by storm in the last few years.

The manufacturer worked with the Toulouse-born painter, who is also known as Mr Colorful, to turn its next-generation corporate narrowbody into an airborne art gallery. The result is a vibrant compromise between style and practicality. The cabin benefits from the fact that the A220 has a wider fuselage than most private jets. Airbus explains:

The entire signature cabin has been envisioned by the ACJ design team to deliver comfort, connectivity, and functionality in one space, while Cyril Kongo’s touch brings the cabin design to a next level of emotion.”

Cyril Kongo’s work draws extensively upon urban art. Photo: Airbus

Hand-painted by Cyril Kongo

Airbus is proud of its partnership with Cyril Kongo. The company reveres the urban artist’s “strong pioneering spirit, which perfectly complements the ACJ’s team’s innovative mindset.” One of the most lavish parts of the aircraft is its main lounge, which Airbus Corporate Jets has designed with a meticulous level of attention to detail.

What particularly makes this area of the ACJ Two Twenty stand out is the fact that Cyril Kongo himself has hand-painted parts of it. This gives the cabin’s aesthetics a more personal touch, while underlining the plane’s “never-done-before novel ambiance” as a “flying contemporary art gallery.” Airbus explains further that:

The special cabin edition has been proudly curated to allow passengers to properly rest or enjoy fine dining with valued friends and family, while admiring all the colors that life has to offer.”

Some of the colorful cabin’s surfaces feature Cyril Kongo’s signature lettering. Photo: Airbus

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A luxurious long-range aircraft

Airbus Corporate Jets hopes to shake up the world of private aviation with the launch of its ACJ Two Twenty. The company explains that it will offer an unrivaled 73 square meters of floor space. Furthermore, its wider cabin also provides greater passenger capacity.

Specifically, Airbus states that the ACJ TwoTwenty “will be the only business jet to offer six large VIP living areas for up to 19 passengers.” It is also a thoroughly capable aircraft in terms of range, and can fly for up to 5,650 NM / 10,500 km. This translates to over 12 hours of flight. Zürich-based Comlux will receive the first 15 examples of this exciting new design.

What do you make of the ACJ TwoTwenty’s bold color palette? What sort of interior would you give your own private jet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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