Billion year old UFO caught in coral reef 🐠🪸🛸 off Venezuela, a time when only single cell organisms existed on Earth 🌍 UAP sighting news. 📰 | UAP


Hey all, I found this last night, March 17, 2024 and thought, hey, I better record it for others to look into it. I used Google Earth, no coordinates, just follow the details on the video to find it. It’s really there and it’s about 200 meters long, embedded in the coral which means it’s about 1 billion years old. That would mean the aliens landed on Earth when only microbial life existed, no animal life yet. I can see aliens being interested in such a planet…and perhaps they even seeded the animal life on Earth. That may be why we exist now and why I am writing this now. 

Scott C. Waring 

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