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Having won a tender, the international ground handling, aircraft fuel supply, and logistics service provider Baltic Ground Services (BGS) will be continuing its partnership with the Ukrainian carrier SkyUp Airlines. The companies have renewed their contract for into-plane fueling at Riga International Airport in Latvia and Tallinn International Airport in Estonia for another year. At the same time, BGS and SkyUp Airlines have signed a contract for into-plane fueling services at Kaunas International Airport, a new addition to SkyUp’s operations map.

Vitalis Dudys, BGS Group’s Head of Commerce, commented: “We are glad to keep working closely with SkyUp . Adding more locations to the scope of our cooperation signifies even stronger ties and a long-term outlook.”

The partnership between the two companies started with ground handling at Vilnius International Airport in Lithuania in September 2022. Under the renewed agreement, BGS will be providing services to both SkyUp Airlines and  SkyUp MT Limited.

“We are delighted to see our partnership with BGS flourishing and expanding to new horizons. A year ago, we began with one airport, but now we have multiple ones, and we firmly believe this is just the beginning. SkyUp is venturing further and consolidating its position as a reliable ACMI provider in the European market. Undoubtedly, a trustworthy partnership is one of the…


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