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On this week’s episode of AvTalk, following a highly critical report by a panel of aviation safety experts, the FAA gives Boeing 90 days to explain how its going to get its act together. We review a collection of aviation safety reports, including the final report on PK8303. And a TCAS incident between Qatar and Ethiopian highlights the need for extra vigilance when flying over Somalia. Plus, one airline now has its own barbecue sauce.

Section 103 Organization Designation Authorizations (ODA) for Transport Airplanes Expert Panel Review Report

That’s a long title for a long report. But the short of it is that Boeing needs to enhance its safety culture. We break down the report and talk about the gauntlet the FAA has thrown down.

Aviation safety reports

We begin with the final report on the crash of Pakistan International Airlines flight 8303 in Karachi in 2020. The report points to an incredible string of poor decisions by the flight crew leading to the crash of the A320 after an initial gear up touchdown and go around.

Danish investigators have published their final report on the curious incident involving a TAP A320, which conducted a go around after activating reverse thrust, while one of the engine’s thrust reversers remained open.

And Serbian investigators have released their preliminary report on the Marathon Airlines E195 that struck equipment at the end of the runway following an intersection take off with just 1300 metres of runway.


Another win for TCAS this week, this time over Somalia as a traffic advisory kept a Qatar Airways 787 from climbing airspace occupied by an Ethiopian Airlines A350.

Elsewhere this week

IATA says 2023 was an incredibly safe year for aviation. Canadian ULCC Lynx Air has ceased operations. VietJet has signed an MoU for 20 A330neos. British Airways is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Austin with its own special…

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