AvTalk Episode 256: A bad day in Belgrade | Aviation

On this week’s episode of AvTalk, a Marathon Airlines E195 operating for Air Serbia strikes the ILS array on departure, rogue ATC on the radio over Somalia, Air Canada fire its chatbot, and updates from this year’s Singapore Airshow.

Marathon Airlines E195 hits ILS antennas on departure

A Marathon Airlines E195 operating for AirSerbia struck the ILS array for runway 12R while departing Belgrade’s runway 30L. The aircraft returned safely to Belgrade shortly after departure.

Somaliland pirate radio

Flights passing through Somali airspace have been subject to rogue ATC instructions, with fake controllers issuing climb and descent clearances.

Air Canada liable for chatbot who made up policies

A tribunal ruled Air Canada is liable for a refund based on a policy invented by the airline’s customer service chatbot.

Updates from the Singapore Airshow

Thai Airways finally places its order for additional 787s, COMAC gets its first orders for the “plateau” version of the C919 from Tibet Airlines, and Starlux is starting a dedicated cargo division with the A350F.

Boeing fires head of 737 MAX program

Ed Clark is out after 18 years at Boeing, including the last three as head of the 737 MAX program in Renton. Katie Ringgold will take over.

American Airlines says no more hang gliders

In addition to raising the prices for checked bags and changing how and when customers can earn loyalty points on their bookings, the airline will also stop accepting javelin, pole vault, and hang gliders onboard.

United flight diverts to Denver with damage to slats

A United 757 en route from San Francisco to Boston suffered damage to the leading edge slats on the right wing and safely diverted to Denver.

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