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On this week’s episode of AvTalk, a horse escapes its stall onboard a 747 flying from New York to Liege. A panel of experts says decades of congressional meddling and underfunding of the FAA introduces undue risk to flying in the US. And the Dubai Airshow is Boeing’s show with orders for nearly 300 aircraft, most of which are for wide body aircraft.

Quit horsing around back there

A horse being transported aboard a 747 operated by Air Atlanta Icelandic escaped its stall as the aircraft began its crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The flight turned back near Boston and dumped 20 tonnes of fuel before returning to New York.

Safety Review Team says congressional treatment of FAA makes flying less safe

The Safety Review Team composed of six experts submitted their report this week, pointing to decades-long systematic underfunding and continuous meddling with FAA programs as injecting undue risk into the national airspace system and making flying less safe. The detailed report can be read in full here.

Ural crews actions were “unreasonable”

A preliminary Russian report termed the actions of a Ural Airlines crew “unreasonable” after they decided to divert the aircraft and ran out of fuel.

Dubai Airshow is Boeing’s week in the sun

Boeing took nearly 75 percent of the orders at the Dubai Airshow this week, hauling in more than 150 orders for its 777X and 787 jets. But it wasn’t a total wash for Airbus.

Dutch government flip-flops on flight cuts

After promising to cut flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport beginning in the 2024 summer season, the Dutch government has announced it will not put that plan in place. The change of plans comes after US and European Commission concerns that the cuts could violate Open Skies agreements.

Mexicana will start with an E145

In the paint hangar now, it looks like the revived Mexicana will get its start with an…

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