AvTalk Episode 238: The greatest reinvention of an airline in the history of aviation | Aviation

On this week’s AvTalk, Jason Rosewell from Infinite Flight joins us to discuss the new partnership between Flightradar24 and Infinite Flight that makes our new 3D view so amazing. We also learn more about how Infinite Flight got started and what’s next for the mobile flight sim company. Plus, a bizarre accident involving a Titan Airways A321 and an airline rebrands by channeling ee Cummings.

Titan A321 windows go missing

A bizarre accident where the crew noticed a few windows missing after takeoff. A post-flight inspection found damage to the horizontal stabilizer as well.

Boeing dumps cash into Spirit Aerosystems

Boeing is giving Spirit $100 million in cash and reconfiguring how it pays the supplier for 737 and 787 components in an effort to stem the tide of poor quality work. We dive in to the deal.

United CEO sees structural adjustment in the industry coming

While announcing Q3 earnings, United CEO Scott Kirby had much to say about the state of the industry. United had a solid third quarter, is revamping its boarding procedures and took delivery this week of its first A321neo.

EU realizes airline mergers may have been too easy

European Union competition regulators are concerned that airline mergers have proceeded too quickly and easily over the past decade or so.

Jason Roswell from Infinite Flight

Flightradar24’s new 3D view now includes models and liveries from Infinite Flight. We chat with Jason Rosewell to learn more about how Infinite Flight got started, what makes their community so dedicated to the app, and where the mobile flight sim company is headed next.


EHang becomes the first eVTOL certified worldwide. But Ian and Jason have some questions about how to get in and out of the aircraft.

Air India Express rebrands

Air India Express unveiled its brand refresh this week on its first 737 MAX.

Avianca is now avianca

According to…

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