AvTalk Episode 227: TCAS for the win! | Aviation

On this week’s episode of AvTalk, TCAS comes to the rescue, averting a mid-air collision off the coast of Florida between an Allegiant Air A320 and Gulfstream. NASA is flying low over major US cities for science. And a United 767 makes a landing hard enough to wrinkle the fuselage.


NASA’s AEROMMA mission was in Chicago this week, flying the NASA Armstrong Research Center’s DC-8 as low as 2,000 feet above the ground.

Dorkfest is coming

CrankyFlyer’s Dorkfest and NYC Aviation’s SpotLAX are just over a month away. Jason and Ian will be there along with hundreds of other avgeeks. Join them at the park across from the LAX In-N-Out on September 9 at 11:00am.

TCAS to the rescue — Allegiant Air and Gulfstream over Florida

The US Federal Aviation Administration is investigating how an Allegiant Air A320 and JetEdge Gulfstream G-IV came within just a few miles of each other at the same altitude off the coast of Florida last week.

United 767 lands hard enough to wrinkle the fuselage

A United 767 landed in Houston hard enough to wrinkle the fuselage.

Indian aviation updates

Akasa Air takes delivery of its first 737-8-200 MAX. Jet Airways has an AOC again. And Go First is on the receiving end of unwelcome legal news.

MAX 7 schedule slips

Delivery of the 737-7 MAX is set to slip to early 2024, according to Boeing and launch customer Southwest Airlines.

Red Air MD-82 got the shimmy shake

Investigators are probing the shimmy dampers of the Red Air MD-82 that suffered a runway excursion and subsequent fire in Miami last year.

JetBlue retires its first A320, sort of

N503JB was the first aircraft delivered to JetBlue in 1999 and it flew off into retirement this week. Until it didn’t and went right back into service.

Sunny SCAT

SCAT Airlines in Kazakhstan has added a feature to its app that tells passengers on which side of the aircraft the…

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