AvTalk Episode 207: Time for a Safety Summit


On this episode of AvTalk, Jason steps off a flight from Japan and immediately records a podcast. Flair Airlines says lessors and another airline are conspiring to take their aircraft. Saudi Arabia makes a huge order for its new airline Riyadh Air, and the FAA holds its aviation surface safety summit.

FAA Safety Summit

The FAA held its Aviation surface safety summit this week, bringing together industry stakeholders to discuss what can be done to “tighten the safety net” and make flying in the US even safer. A perception of safety is certainly a useful psychological tool, but what does the data tell us? And how meaningful is that data in the context of recent events?

Canadian intrigue

Canada approved the merger between WestJet and Sunwing this week, but not without conditions. Meanwhile, Flair Airlines, which recently had four of its 737-8 MAX seized by lessors is fighting back with a $50 million lawsuit saying the lessors conspired with an unnamed Canadian airline to drive them into default so the planes could be repossessed.

Saudi Arabia launches Riyadh Air

Saudi Arabia’s newest airline Riyadh Air launched this week with a massive order for Boeing 787s. The airline, which will be positioned to compete with the likes of Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Turkish Airlines for global connecting traffic, will begin taking delivery of its new Dreamliners in 2025.

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