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DALLAS — Affordably connecting our world, low-cost carriers and ultra-low-cost carriers dot the 21st-century commercial aviation landscape.

The Americas are no exception. Spirit Airlines, Viva Aerobus, and JetSMART are just a few of the big names affordably flying passengers from city to city. Arajet founder and CEO Víctor Pacheco, in an exclusive Oct. 27 interview with Airways, said his airline is taking a different approach.

Beyond merely connecting individual cities, Pacheco wants to leverage Arajet’s growing Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet to affordably fly passengers between North America and South America via a simple, strategic Santo Domingo stopover.

Already flying to cities as far-flung as Toronto and São Paulo, Arajet has hit the ground running since its 2022 launch. A decade in the making, Pacheco tells Airways there’s much more in store for his Dominican airline.

Brent Foster: Tell me about Arajet’s origin story. Why did you start this airline?

Víctor Pacheco: “About nine years ago today, there wasn’t any affordable travel. We had average fares that could go from between $800 and $1200 or even more depending on the season. Less than 10% of Dominicans were traveling from a country of 11 million people and a diaspora of two million. It was something that I got obsessed with working to solve.

I come from a family where my grandfather was an entrepreneur for financial services with the Dominican diaspora that went to the U.S. He was responsible for a good number of them because he was the first IATA travel agent that we had in the country many, many years ago.

During the depression in the Dominican Republic, many Dominicans traveled with him. After that, he was the one who first represented American Express in the country, Thomas Cook, and eventually, he got to represent Western Union. He operated a lot of different financial services, and I worked with him for a while.

So, thinking about our people and our customers,…

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