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Ancient Civilizations Were
Capable Of Levitation
The magnificence of ancient monuments around the world and the sophistication of their design have consistently defied conventional archaeological explanations. How did our ancestors build these incredible structures without the aid of modern technology? Theories that range from slave labour to extra terrestrial intervention have been proposed, yet none offer a comprehensive answer. Could we be missing a piece of the puzzle that unlocks the mystery of ancient construction techniques? Among these, the hypotheses involving levitation and advanced acoustics are perhaps the most fascinating.

Did ancient civilizations possess knowledge that has been lost to time? Could they have used the power of sound to move huge stones? And are we on the verge of rediscovering techniques that suggest a lost technological sophistication that rivals, or even surpasses, our own?

Myths and legends from these ancient cultures often describe divine or superhuman forces employing levitation techniques to manipulate these colossal stones. The local folklore surrounding England’s Stonehenge, for instance, speaks of levitational methods to transport its towering stones. A parallel can be found in Bolivian myths, which claims that the megalithic stones at Pumapunku were similarly ‘floated’ into position. And when it comes to the construction of Egypt’s Great Pyramid, the 5th-century BC historian Herodotus wrote of celestial “guardians” imparting to the Egyptians the ability to float the gargantuan limestone blocks used in the pyramid’s construction.

These stories suggest that throughout human history, extra terrestrial entities might have visited various global locations, giving pivotal knowledge concerning the power of sound and acoustic frequencies. These ‘divine’ interventions might have served as crucial turning points in our technological and spiritual development, teaching us to harness the untapped potential of sound, not only as a…

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