American Eagle Flight Evacuated In LaGuardia Over Security Incident

It was an eventful Saturday at LaGuardia for passengers on an American Airlines regional flight. AA4817, a regularly scheduled commercial flight from Indianapolis to LaGuardia, was evacuated after landing following a security incident. Law enforcement and medical professionals met the aircraft on arrival.

An American Airlines E175 landed in New York and was evacuated due to a security incident. Photo: Getty Images

American Eagle flight lands with a security incident

On Saturday, October 9th, American Airlines flight 4817 took off from Indianapolis International Airport (IND) in Indiana at 13:16 local time. According to data from, after 99 minutes in the air, the aircraft landed at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) at 14:55 local time.

However, the arrival was an eventful one. After landing, the aircraft was evacuated away from the terminal due to a security incident. Several videos on social media showed the evacuation. Republic Airways, which operated the flight on behalf of American Airlines, offered the following statement:

“One of our aircraft, operating as American 4817, declared an emergency and landed at New York’s LaGuardia Airport without incident in response to passenger behavior near the end of the flight. Upon exiting the active runway, the aircraft stopped on a taxiway and conducted a precautionary emergency evacuation. Our crew responded to the situation in accordance with our procedures and with professionalism and a concern for safety of all aboard. Law enforcement and first responders met the aircraft and the passenger involved in the incident has been taken into custody.”

AA4817 on October 9th. Photo:

The plane had a full load of 76 passengers and four crew members onboard the flight. Aside from the sole passenger who was taken into custody, all other passengers were accounted for and allowed to continue their travels.

Emergency evacuation

Safety is the top priority in the aviation world. Multiple redundancies are built-in to operations, and aircraft are equipped with several safety features. This ranges from escape slides to life jackets to ashtrays.

In the case when a passenger becomes unruly, crew are trained to deal with the situation. This may include restraining passengers onboard the aircraft using materials onboard. Often, unruly passengers are detained by law enforcement after landing. Evacuations like this are sometimes used, however, generally for more serious situations.

Unruly passenger incidents

Unruly passenger incidents have been up in 2021. Attributed to various factors, flight attendants and crew have had to deal with people who have been far from respectful onboard flights. Several of these have led to law enforcement greeting the aircraft on arrival.

The crew on this flight acted in the manner they felt was most appropriate. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

There are some harsh penalties for becoming unruly inflight. In addition to the possibility of facing major fines levied by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), passengers may also face other criminal or civil penalties. Some airlines are going as far as banning passengers who cause a disturbance from ever flying with them again.

The industry has responded in various ways to unruly incidents. Delta Air Lines has called for a more uniform, industry-wide no-fly list. Pilots have called on the FAA to step up on a secondary barrier requirement amid the rise in unruly passengers.

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