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DALLAS — Allegiant Air (G4) has adjusted its 2021 Boeing 737 MAX order by converting some Boeing 737-7s to 737-8-200s. The exact split was not revealed. The adjusted deal also includes 30 more Boeing 737 MAX options.

“The amended agreements reflect a revised delivery schedule, with the first delivery due under the amendment in late 2023 and the delivery schedule for the initial 50 aircraft” extended “through late 2025,” the airline said in a filing with the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In line with the revised delivery timeline, G4 now expects to retire 21 of its A320-200s by the end of 2025.

Before the amendment, Boeing data showed that the US budget airline had committed to buying 30 Boeing 737-7s and 20 Boeing 737-8-200s. G4 is one of five customers for the smaller, still uncertified variant, alongside Southwest Airlines (WS), SkyUp Airlines (PORQUE), Luxair (LG), and Ruili Airlines (DR).

Allegiant also announced it secured up to US$412.1 million in loan financing from BNP Paribas and Jackson Square Aviation to acquire the first four Boeing 737-8-200s due between December 2023 and June 2024 and to refinance seven A320-200s.

Allegiant plans to continue its long-term strategy of sourcing used Airbus aircraft in addition to adding new Boeing 737 MAX planes. The airline’s current fleet comprises 35 A319-100s and 94 A320-200s.

N246NV, Allegiant Air Airbus A320 @KPVU. Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways.

About Allegiant Air

Launched in 1997, Allegiant Air is an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) that operates scheduled and charter flights in North America.

The airline was founded under the name WestJet Express but changed its name to Allegiant Air in June 1998 after losing a trademark dispute with WestJet Air Center of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA, and upon recognizing the original name’s similarity to WestJet Airlines (WS) of Calgary, Alberta CN.

The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) and US Department…

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