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Alaska removed the last remaining elements of the once beloved airline.

Alaska Airlines has officially concluded service with its Airbus fleet as of September 30. The aircraft, registered N921VA, left Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and arrived at Los Angeles International Airport as AS1126. The flight crew also paid tribute to the aircraft’s original owner, Virgin America, by circling above its old headquarters over the bay area. 

Make Flying Good Again

Despite its ambition to make flying good again, it was not well received in the airline industry. The Department of Transportation initially rejected the airline’s operator certificate application due to complaints from other airlines, which caused the airline to restructure its ownership.

Virgin America finally began service on August 8, 2007. It eventually became the first airline to offer fleetwide WiFi, mood lighting, touch-screen seatback entertainment, and power outlets at every seat on every flight. It was known as the fun airline among travelers.

Even the airline’s safety cards use bold colors. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Fangzhong Guo)

The Fun Airline

The airline was constantly finding new ways to differentiate itself from its competitors. In addition to the products and services offered, it also created a lot of exposure in other channels. 

The airline partnered with CW in 2010 to create a reality TV show that followed five of Virgin America’s flight attendants. While the intention was to create more buzz for the company, the show received a lot of criticism for ignoring reality and sexism. 

While the airline fumbled on the publicity stunt, it had a lot more success with innovative amenities such as free Netflix…

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