Airbus Receives The First TwoTwenty Private Jet Nose Section

The first Airbus Corporate Jet based on the A220 is moving ahead in its production. Today, STELIA Aerospace delivered to Airbus the nose section for the first ACJ TwoTwenty to be built. The aircraft is set to be delivered to Comlux by the end of this year.

The first ACJ TwoTwenty nose section has been delivered today. Photo: STELIA Aerospace

First A220 private jet gets its nose

Today, STELIA Aerospace has delivered the very first nose section for the very first A220 private jet, the ACJ TwoTwenty. The delivery marks a key milestone on the road to the completion of the first aircraft, set to be delivered before the end of this year.

Bertrand COUDARD, A220 STELIA Aerospace program director, commented on the achievement, saying,

“I am very proud of the work carried out by all the STELIA Aerospace teams; Thanks to the remarkable involvement of everyone, the specifics related to this new model were produced, from the 1st copy, according to a nominal industrial process with, as a bonus, delivery from our new facility in Mirabel.”

STELIA has been a key partner for Airbus on the Canadian side, working to build commercial A220s as well as the ACJ. The team completed the first A220 nose build in Mirabel in June, working in a brand new factory.

The team had previously worked out of Saint-Laurent but moved into a dedicated building at the Mirabel site in 2020. In Saint-Laurent, the team continues to work on the A220 cockpit and aft fuselage, as well as the A220.

STELIA completed the first A220 nose section in its new Mirabel factory last month. Photo: STELIA Aerospace

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The ACJ TwoTwenty

Launched in late 2020, the ACJ TwoTwenty is the first corporate jet to be based on the popular Airbus A220 airframe. Shortly after launch, the TwoTwenty received orders for six aircraft, with Comlux to be the launch customer of the type. Comlux will also be the exclusive outfitter for the first 15 aircraft built.

Inside, the ACJ TwoTwenty has a generous 73 square meters (785 square feet) of floor space. It can house six wide VIP living areas for up to 19 guests onboard. Thanks to the low loading on such a jet, the TwoTwenty will be capable of flying up to 5,650 nm (10,500 km) and spending more than 12 hours in the air.

The ACJ team has developed a 3D cabin design tool. Photo: Airbus

Inside, the ACJ team has showcased a unique interior design tool, inspired by the solutions found in the luxury hotel and automotive markets. Using 3D modeling, potential customers can take an interactive tour around the aircraft cabin, letting them test out different configurations to suit their needs.

The first fuselage section was delivered in May. Photo: Airbus

Back in May, Airbus received the first section of the new ACJ TwoTwenty at its final assembly line in Mirabel. This was the mid-fuselage section and marked the launch of the first Airbus Corporate Jet to ever be assembled in Canada.

Airbus has promised the first ACJ TwoTwenty to Comlux by winter 2021. With the nose section also now winging its way to the final assembly line, Airbus looks bang on target for completion by the end of this year.

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