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DALLAS – In yearly round-up statements submitted by the world’s largest commercial aviation manufacturers, both Airbus and Boeing have reported a major increase in aircraft deliveries for 2023.

United Airlines (UA) and American Airlines Airlines (AA) aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. Photo: Chris Goulet/Airways

Airbus Deliveries

It was a momentous year for Airbus, receiving a 12% increase from 2022 in the number of deliveries taking place. The data below demonstrates the A320 family’s rise in popularity, with A320 family deliveries making up 78% of Airbus’s total number of delivered aircraft.

Airbus’ wide reach, with 87 customers, demonstrated its ability to cater to diverse markets. CEO Guillaume Faury described this achievement as “a landmark year for Airbus’ commercial aircraft business.”

The Toulouse-based manufacturer didn’t only make progress in terms of deliveries but also with orders. Airbus received 2,319 new orders last year, bringing its total order backlog to 8,598 aircraft.

2023 2022
Airbus A220 Family 68 53
Airbus A320 Family 571 516
Airbus A330 Family 32 32
Airbus A350 Family 64 60
Total 735 661
Data: Airbus

Boeing Deliveries

While 2024 may have seen a rough start to the year for Boeing, 2023 was not short of eventful for the American manufacturer. On January 31, American cargo and charter airline Atlas Air (5Y) took delivery of the final Boeing 747, bringing an end to the Queen of the Skies’ production.

In 2023, Boeing delivered a total of 528 aircraft, representing a 10% increase from the previous year. The 737 family remains the Seattle-based manufacturer’s most popular aircraft type, making up three-quarters of total deliveries.

2023 2022
Boeing 737 Series 396 387
Boeing 747 Series 1 5
Boeing 767 Series 32 33
Boeing 777 Series 26 24
Boeing 787 Series 73 31
Total 528 480
Data: Boeing

Despite a lack of deliveries for…

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