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DALLAS — The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released data for November 2023 air travel performance, revealing that air travel demand has reached 99% of 2019 levels. Here are the key findings:

Global Air Travel Performance

  • Total air travel traffic in November 2023, measured in revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs), increased by 29.7% compared to November 2022.
  • Globally, air travel traffic in November 2023 reached 99.1% of November 2019 levels.

International Air Travel

  • International air travel in November 2023 rose by 26.4% compared to November 2022.
  • The Asia-Pacific region reported the strongest year-over-year growth in international air travel, with a remarkable increase of 63.8%.
  • International air travel in November 2023 reached 94.5% of November 2019 levels.

Domestic Air Travel

  • Domestic air travel in November 2023 increased by 34.8% compared to November 2022.
  • China experienced significant growth in domestic air travel, with a remarkable increase of 272% as it recovered from COVID-19 travel restrictions that were in place a year ago.
  • Domestic air travel in the US also saw strong growth, reaching a new high with a 9.1% expansion over November 2019, with strong demand during the Thanksgiving holidays as the main driver.

Outlook and Remarks

  • Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director General, stated that air travel is moving closer to surpassing the peak year of 2019, with economic headwinds not deterring people from flying.
  • International air travel is still 5.5% below pre-pandemic levels, but the gap is rapidly closing.
  • Domestic air travel has consistently been above pre-pandemic levels since April 2023.
United Airlines and Emirates aircraft: Rohan Ramalingam/Airways

Further Comments from IATA’s Director General

According to Willie Walsh, the Director General of IATA, the rapid recovery of the aviation industry from the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of flying for both…

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