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Since the Tata Group took over the airline, there had been much speculation about its rebranding, which came to an end. Mr. N. Chandrasekharan, the Chairman of Tata Group, revealed the logo and livery on Thursday in New Delhi. This significant step marks a massive milestone for Air India in its transformation plan called ‘’.

The Indian flag carrier now has an all-new logo, a refreshed livery and revamped cabin interiors. Tata Group hired FutureBrand, a London-based brand design company, to transform Air India from scratch, which they delivered.

Historically, the Indian window frame design called ‘jharokha’ has been used by Air India on all its aircraft since 1971. This design has now been used to create the new logo, ‘The Vista’. As described by Mr. Chandrasekaran, this new logo symbolizes a ‘window of limitless possibilities’, signifying the airline’s future vision and its roots in India’s rich history and culture. 

A bold, modern-looking, and yet Indian culture-resembling font called ‘Air India Sans’ has been used in red for the words’ Air India’. These are adorned by the peak of the golden window on the top right.

Air India’s iconic mascot, ‘The Maharaja,’ is here to stay. Now, he has an all-new look, wearing his uniform in new colors. 

The New Livery

Boeing 787-9 in the new Air India livery (Photo: Air India)

Air India’s fresh livery retains the bright red letterings on the aircraft but in a new typeface and a larger scale, covering the front half of the fuselage. Just like its sister airline Vistara, this new livery has Air India written on the underbelly on a red patch, along with a golden frame inspired by the logo.

The tail of the aircraft will feature the logo frames in red, gold, and a dash of purple with an intricate design. The tip of the same pattern will be replicated on the aircraft’s…

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