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Congress was recently given a classified briefing on UFOs, but some representatives felt they didn’t learn enough and may form their own UFO committee.

Earlier this month, following the release of a Pentagon UFO report, lawmakers in Washington revealed they were expecting to receive further access to classified UFO documents before the end of the year.

The documents were supposed to be related to government intelligence whistleblower David Grusch’s claims earlier this year that the United States has retrieved and studied UFOs of non-human origin and recovered alien bodies.

“It’ll be before Christmas, I believe, is what we’ve heard,” Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett told Elizabeth Vargas on NewsNation. “It’s coming up here, I believe, in the next couple of weeks from what I understand, but all those things are kind of subjective to what’s going on elsewhere in Washington. I would hope we could get in there because a lot of people are asking.”

Fast forward just a couple of weeks and Burchett says they already had their classified UFO briefing, a briefing in which he says he “didn’t learn anything.”

“The federal government learned to do this during the Second World War,” Burchett told NewsNation this week. “You have to imagine Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Manhattan Project, thousands of people working on the atomic bomb and less than 12 knew what it was.”

Burchett added, “These guys can swear under oath. They can take a lie detector test because they’re telling the truth as they know it.”

Burchett also speculated that the DoD was avoiding Freedom of Information Act requests and other oversight by putting some of the alleged programs in the hands of private contractors who aren’t subject to the same regulations.

“We can’t even find out who is allowed to know,” Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry added.

“What it appears to be is somebody has discovered something — some advanced form of…

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