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When EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, ends, you can almost hear a national sigh as if to denote the flying season is over. EAA’s magnificent summer celebration of flight leads to Labor Day and into fall.

Fun flying in northern climates might begin to slow, but in the southern half of the U.S., flying for fun is entering its best season.

As if to prove the point, coming up soon:

  • 15th annual Midwest LSA Expo,
  • Zenith’s 32nd Annual Homecoming event follows the Expo, with even larger crowds,
  • Aero Showcase’s second event is scheduled and being promoted, and
  • down under—where Australis is exiting winter (yeah, weird, huh?)—big changes for Jabiru

Midwest 2023

I’ve taken to shortening the event name to “Midwest (Year)” because I say or write it so often. This show—as you might expect, in the Midwest U.S.—has become a foundation of my aviation calendar. I only missed one year due to a hurricane in Florida where I live.

In Mount Vernon, Illinois, 2023 will be the 15th running of the Expo, and I have zero doubt it will happen again in 2024.

At that time the Midwest LSA Expo in Mount Vernon (KMVN) will become the longest-running of all sector-specific shows. The previous granddaddy of such events, also the first, was Sebring, but that production shut down after it had accomplished its goals.

A lot of credit for Midwest’s leadership goes to airport manager, Chris Collins, but he would be quick to state that there is a team behind him that supports the effort. He adopted the color orange and today when you attend the event, you can easily tell a volunteer because they are brightly garbed.

After several years, Midwest has found all the right buttons to push to put on an intimate event that draws well year after year. Pilots love it because they can talk to aircraft representatives without a long wait and for as long as they want plus they can go for demo flights as easily as any place I’ve ever seen. Vendors love it because they…

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