Aditya-L1: European Space Agency lends ‘crucial hand’ to ISRO for India’s Solar mission | Read here | Space


As India successfully launched its first Solar mission Aditya-L1, the European Space Agency (ESA) will lend a crucial hand to the Indian Space Research Organisation by offering deep space communication services and aiding ISRO in validating critical new flight dynamics software.

The ESA said that it is impossible to get any scientific data from a spacecraft without ground station support because communication is an essential part of every space mission, according to a report published by the news agency PTI.

Ramesh Chellathurai, ESA Service Manager and ESA Cross-Support Liaison Officer for ISRO said that the agency’s global network of deep space tracking stations and use of internationally recognized technical standards allows them to help their partners track, command, and receive data from their spacecraft almost anywhere in the solar system.

In an official statement, Chellathurai said, “For the Aditya-L1 mission, we are providing support from all three of our 35-metre deep space antennas in Australia, Spain, and Argentina, as well as support from our Kourou station in French Guiana and coordinated support from goon hilly Earth Station in the UK.”

The European Space Agency said that it is also the main provider of ground station services for Aditya-L1 and the ESA stations are…

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