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Peter and the UFOs:
A True Story of Contact
Preston Dennett:

It was 1968, and 13-year-old Carter Welles walked to school with his best friend, Jackson Groves near his home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jackson had just experienced a spontaneous out-of-body experience, and both boys were amazed by the event. Together they vowed to learn how to achieve astral projection. For the next two years they read everything they could find on the subject and meditated daily, but were unable to get out-of-body. Then one evening, Jackson walked home along a remote country highway outside of Toronto when a truckdriver offered him a ride. Jackson accepted. The driver introduced himself as Peter and said, “Well, Jackson, how’s it going with the astral travelling?”

Jackson was shocked because he did not know this man, and Jackson had told nobody but Carter about their attempts to have OBEs. Jackson asked Peter how he knew his name and about the OBEs, and the man just smiled and said, “Oh, you know, we’ve been keeping an eye on you guys.”

After speaking with Peter for an hour or two, Jackson was amazed. Peter showed telepathic abilities, could call forth the wind, and said he worked with extraterrestrials and had been onboard UFOs. He even offered to take Jackson onboard a craft. Jackson was too scared to accept the invitation, but he continued to meet with Peter and learn about spirituality, psychic abilities, and UFOs.

After a few visits with Peter, Jackson told Carter about him. Carter was excited and asked to meet Peter too. Peter agreed, and Carter, Jackson and a couple of friends met with him. Peter repeated that he worked with the aliens, displayed his ability to call forth the wind, read their minds and showed other incredible abilities. The boys hammered him with questions, all of which Peter answered with great wisdom and humor, often bringing the boys to tears with laughter.

Shortly after this visit, the boys were staying at Carter’s parents’ cottage…

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