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By: Zephyr Melton February 17, 2024.

CBS is implementing OptiMotion technology into the broadcast, allowing analysts to break down swings like never before.

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — Nick Clearwater sits in a trailer in the dusty CBS television compound just left of Riviera Country Club’s first fairway. A massive laptop is open in front of him on a long desk against a wall, with four TVs directly above. There are two swings on the laptop screen that Clearwater has clipped together side-by-side. It’s Jason Day — once in 2015, and once at this week’s Genesis Invitational.

Moments later, the CBS broadcast shows the same sequence. There’s a stick figure superimposed over Day’s body, and two numbers next to him. One shows the degrees of his hip turn, the other shows his trail knee bend.

“This is some really cool technology here,” says CBS’ lead analyst Trevor Immelman. “We are comparing Jason Day’s swing from that great season of 2015 to now. Look here — much less hip turn on this left-hand side. Twenty-nine degrees. Back then he was really trying to hold that right knee; keep it braced. And as we run here, to this swing from earlier this week, just look at that — more tilt to the hips, and a much bigger turn.”

Immelman is quite smart when it comes to the golf swing, but this type of analysis — with hard data — wouldn’t be possible without a new piece of technology…

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