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A Gray Alien Named Sen

This is the story of Julia (pseudonym) and her encounters with a gray alien named Sen. At age 19, Julia left her family and home in Prunedale, California. Her childhood had been difficult, filled with unexplained events. She had tried to get help from her parents, but they were strict and didn’t understand. So Julia left everything behind and decided to get as far away from her home as she could.

She ended up settling on the east coast of the United States, where she began to rebuild her life. She found a job, a place to live. She started her own small business, made friends, and met the man who would one day become her husband. Finally secure, she began to examine her childhood, trying to figure out the source of her trauma. She remembered terrifying events during which her room would fill with light and shadowy figures would approach her. She came upon the subject of aliens and UFOs. That’s probably what happened she realized. It was aliens. But the whole idea terrified her and she refused to think about it.

A few years later, Julia felt a powerful compulsion to move back to California. Although her life was going great, she and her boyfriend picked up everything and moved to Pacific Grove, not far from her childhood home. The very day they finished moving in, strange things began to happen.

It started with a weird ringing sound in her right ear. She went to the doctor, but he couldn’t explain it. There were no insects in her ear canal as she feared. It wasn’t tinnitus. The doctor had no diagnosis.

Then came the UFO sightings, weird glowing orbs hovering over the house. Then one evening, there was a ship overhead. Julia saw it through the skylight above her bed. Next thing she knew, she was paralyzed. A short time later, she fell asleep.

In the morning, she told her boyfriend. She could no longer live in denial. The memories of her childhood experiences were flooding back. The excruciating tones in her right ear were becoming…

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