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Barry Jay and his father, Dr. Erwin Jay, have looked forward to the summer for the past 29 years for one reason: AirVenture.

Barry and Erwin are coming up on their 29th year attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh as a father and son duo. As a child, Barry saw how much his father admired aviation. Erwin knew he always wanted to be involved with aviation, but instead of getting his certificate and ratings, he decided family was his priority. To meet the thirst for aviation, Barry and his father got into building model airplanes and then flew them together at a little radio-controlled field.

Barry went to Ohio State University, took ground school, and then later transferred to Cal State. He discovered the world of hang gliding and got involved in that industry after college. Around this time, Erwin finally decided to attain his pilot certificate. He also got his instrument rating and bought an A36 Bonanza. He decided to travel to AirVenture in 1976, and Barry finally agreed to join in 1994; since then, the father-son duo has made it a point to attend every year.

“After that first year, I said, ‘You know, that was a lot of fun. How about next year?’ Each year I ask him the same question, and I get the same answer,” Barry said. “I said, ‘You know, as long as you’re ready and willing and able to go, I’ll go, too.’ From that shared passion for aviation, we’ve had a wonderful time with each successive visit.”

In the early years of attending AirVenture together, Barry was a part of the Toyota Aviation Business Development Office and attended the fly-in convention for work. While this was happening, Erwin was also involved with aviation as a career. He is a doctor of optometry and is still in practice. He did some work for the Federal Aviation Administration and assisted many pilots in their vision test while renewing their medical certificates.

Aviation has played a significant role in both of their lives. Being…

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