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The question of whether we are alone in the universe is one that has intrigued mankind for centuries. With recent UFO sightings becoming more frequent and the Pentagon admitting to mysterious flying orbs, this question seems even more pressing. One such notable account comes from a Naval Intelligence Officer, Matthew Roberts.

Decoding the UFO Sightings Phenomenon

Recent revelations from the Pentagon have turned the world’s attention towards the mysterious and unexplained UFO sightings. As the frequency of such sightings increases, individuals across the globe are becoming more vocal about their personal experiences, leading to a massive surge in search interest around “UFO sightings.”

@Motherboard, keeping abreast of this growing interest, recently unveiled a four-part docuseries titled “ENCOUNTERS” on Netflix. The docuseries, a collaboration between VICE Studios, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, Boardwalk Pictures, and Netflix, not only delves into these sightings but also humanizes the experiences, providing viewers with firsthand accounts from those who claim to have encountered these unidentified flying objects.

The series, directed by Yon Motskin, promises a riveting journey across Texas, Wales, Zimbabwe, and Japan, retracing the steps of those who’ve witnessed these unexplained phenomena.

Matthew Roberts: A Witness from Within the Military

The account of Matthew Roberts stands out. A cryptologic technician in the US Navy for 16 years, Roberts was aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt during what’s infamously known as the ‘gimbal event.’

Upon watching the footage of the event, Roberts was struck by the unidentified flying object’s unique movement and form. Unlike any conventional aircraft, this UFO lacked any recognizable aviation surfaces – no wings, tail, or rudders. Roberts, having had access to classified data due to his role, knew that such occurrences weren’t isolated incidents. The Navy had been documenting them for a long time.

In 2017, upon transferring to the Office of Naval Intelligence, his experiences with the unexplained intensified. Claims of encounters with nonhuman entities in his room became a regular occurrence. Waking up to feel himself being taken, spotting shadowy figures – all these accounts lend weight to…

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