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By Jade Morris

Finally, after six years of dedication and hard work, Rachel St. Louis, EAA 1161689, can display the SkyReach BushCat she built at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, financed fully by selling jewelry as part of her small business.

Rachel, now 21, became interested in aviation at a young age, ever since her first airplane ride in a Cessna 172 when her father took her flying. She knew that whether it was a career or hobby, she wanted aviation to be a part of her life. Rachel and her family have been attending AirVenture for the past eight years. Every year when Rachel and her family attend, the feeling of a supportive community fills Rachel’s heart.

“I come back to EAA every year simply because of the atmosphere,” Rachel said. “I was shown at the beginning that I was, in fact, doing something not many others set out to do at such a young age, and they supported me by publishing articles, sending people over, and always encouraging me to keep pushing, that my aspirations weren’t too big.”

Rachel credits one of EAA’s One Week Wonder projects as an inspiration. As a young girl, she saw how quickly an entire airplane could be built, and knowing she would be a part of the building and how fun that was to her, she was motivated and encouraged.

“I talked to the volunteers that were running that booth, and after listening to them speak about the build, I knew someday I could, in fact, build my own airplane; I just didn’t know what kind,” Rachael said. “It was truly amazing to know as a young kid an airplane that was flying in the air had my name on it.”

After realizing her dream was to build her own aircraft, she started to think about how to get funding for her project. Rachel decided to start her own small business and sell aviation-themed jewelry. When Rachel developed this idea, the EAA community showed her unconditional support.

“When I was first inspired to sell…

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