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Retired Lt. Col. John Larrison, a pilot of some of the first A-1 Skyraider missions over Vietnam, is the next speaker in EAA’s Aviation Adventure Speaker Series. John, EAA 23138, will share stories from his missions in Vietnam and give the nitty-gritty of flying an A-1E in his presentation at the EAA Aviation Museum on Thursday, March 21, at 7 p.m.

John always dreamed of flying and loved building model airplanes in his youth, so he found it to be a natural step to study aeronautical engineering at Purdue University in his home state of Indiana. Following graduation in 1957, he got a job at Boeing as a flight test engineer for the B-52.

After a year at Boeing, John joined the United States Air Force and completed pilot training in 1959. He subsequently served as an instructor pilot in T-33s and T-37s until his deployment to Vietnam in December 1964.

John flew with the 602nd Air Commando Squadron in Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, providing close air support. The 602nd was also the first A-1 squadron deployed to Thailand for the “Sandy” search and rescue escort operations. In total, John completed 225 missions in the A-1E from 1964 to 1965.

 “The question always comes up,” John said, “Why were you flying that old Korean War propeller airplane?” It’s a question he’ll dive into during his presentation, though here’s a hint: the Geneva Accords.

The politics of the time also required the squadron to hide what their assignment really was. “The first six months [in Vietnam] we weren’t supposed to be flying combat,” explained John. “I was not flying combat illegally, they said, but I was. My cover story was I had a Vietnamese airman in the right seat – I was just training a pilot. Although, he was not a student pilot at all.”

Following the Vietnam War, John joined the Air Defense Command flying the F-101 Voodoo supersonic jet fighter, and also completed a two-year exchange tour in Canada flying the same aircraft. He eventually retired from…

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