75 Airbus Jets: The Beijing Capital Airlines Fleet In 2021

Beijing Capital Airlines dates back to 1995, when it came into existence as Deer Jet Airlines. Known in short as Capital Airlines, this Chinese low-cost carrier is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines. Its fleet consists entirely of Airbus jets, the makeup of which we shall now examine.

The A320 is Capital Airlines’ most numerous aircraft type. Photo: byeangel via Wikimedia Commons


According to data from ch-aviation.com, the present Capital Airlines fleet consists of 75 aircraft. All of these are twinjets from European manufacture Airbus, although there is a degree of variety when it comes to their cabin layouts. Indeed, Capital Airlines operates both narrowbody and widebody Airbus jets, with 11 examples of the latter type in its fleet.

All of these are examples of the A330 family, with the majority (seven aircraft) belonging to the A330-200 variant. Of these, five are presently active, and they have an average age of nine years old. Four are fitted with a 222-seat configuration, consisting of 186 economy and 36 business class seats. Other setups include 260 (242+18) and 264 (246+18) seats.

Capital Airlines’ remaining four A330s are examples of the larger -300 version. Three of these are currently active, and their average age is somewhat younger, at just 4.3 years old. Two examples seat 306 passengers across 288 economy and 18 business class seats. The other pair have 303 seats, comprising a 279-seat economy section and 24 business class flatbeds.

Capital Airlines’ A330s all feature two-class seating configurations. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Flickr

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The Airbus A320neo family

Moving onto Capital Airlines’ narrowbody aircraft, the youngest of these belong to the next-generation Airbus A320neo family. It operates slightly fewer examples of this series than the aforementioned A330, totaling 10 aircraft. Of these, seven are examples of the standard A320neo. Each of these seats 180 passengers in a typical one-class setup.

Capital Airlines’ A320neos are 2.7 years old on average, and all seven examples are currently active. The same can’t be safe for its stretched-fuselage A321neos, all three of which are presently either stored or undergoing maintenance. These lengthy narrowbodies each seat 220 economy class passengers, and they are just 1.4 years old on average.

Older A320 series jets

The bulk of Capital Airlines’ present fleet comprises older aircraft from Airbus’ original A320ceo series. The dominant type in this part of its fleet is the standard A320, of which Capital Airlines currently flies 28 examples. 22 of these are presently active, and they have an average age of 8.5 years old. Most seat 174 or 180 passengers in an all-economy setup.

While Capital Airlines’ A321s aren’t in active service at this moment in time, this is not the case for its older A321ceos. Indeed, of the 18 examples of the 220-seat narrowbody that the carrier flies, just one is inactive at the time of writing. These are Capital Airlines’ youngest A3210ceo family aircraft, clocking in at 4.8 years old on average.

Finally, Capital Airlines also has eight short-fuselage A319s at its disposal, with a relatively old average age of 13.2 years. Six of these are presently active. Historically speaking, the carrier has operated a further 20 examples of this twin-engine narrowbody design. Its remaining examples seat either 138 (one aircraft) or 144 (seven aircraft) economy passengers.

What do you make of Beijing Capital Airlines’ current fleet? Which of its aircraft have you flown on? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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