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Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo—known as spring break for pilots—is just a few weeks away. This year, the annual event in Lakeland, Florida, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. If you plan on being part of the fun, there’s a lot to do and see April 9-14.

Victory’s Arsenal Theatre

It’s not Sun ’n Fun without historic military warbirds on display. The aircraft played significant roles in multiple conflicts, such as World War II and the Korean War. You’ll see a variety of transports, bombers, trainers, and pursuit aircraft, later known as fighters.

Beginning April 10, Victory’s Arsenal Theatre will present an aircraft each morning in front of the grandstands on the Sun ’n Fun warbird ramp. The pilot or owner of the aircraft will share  its story. The master of ceremonies will be Ron Kaplan, former executive director of the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Take a Warbird Ride

The Commemorative Air Force will once again be offering rides in select warbirds, such as the RC-45J Expediter, T-6 Texan, known as “the pilot maker,” and P-51 Mustang. These once-in-a-lifetime flights are available for a price (it varies) and will certainly be the highlight of any aviation enthusiast’s day.

Catch a Daily Airshow

It wouldn’t be Sun ’n Fun without a daily airshow. Weather permitting, delight to the exploits of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, aerobatic pilots Michael Goulian and Patty Wagstaff, the Titan Aerobatic team, the Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan, and the Patriot Parachute Team. Check the daily schedule here for updates, and keep your eyes on the skies.

Hands-On Workshops

If you have ever thought of building your own aircraft or restoring one, check out the hands-on workshops. There will be demonstrations of a variety of skills, including composite construction, electrical installation and noise troubleshooting, fabric covering and metal shaping, woodworking, and welding.

Bring Your Kids


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