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5 Mysterious UFO Crashes
Before Roswell
In December 2022, US President Joe Biden approved a significant addition to the US military budget: a provision for the systematic investigation of UFO incidents by the American armed forces. This new initiative mandates a review of both reported and confirmed UFO encounters, with a curious last-minute amendment expanding the scope of inquiry from episodes occurring after 1947 to those dating back to 1945.

This adjustment was prompted by a largely forgotten incident near the Trinity site in New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was tested in July 1945. Just a month after this monumental test, a mysterious crash was reported in the vicinity.

The crash site was first discovered on August 16, 1945, by two young boys, Jose Padilla and Reme Bacca, who were nine and seven years old. The boys were riding their horses across the vast expanse of the Padilla Ranch near San Antonio, New Mexico, searching for a wayward cow when a thunderous explosion shook the earth beneath them.

Racing towards the disturbance, they encountered an extraordinary sight: a colossal, round metal object sat at the end of a deep skid mark carved into the arid ground. Debris from the craft littered the area, and the boys discovered that the metal fragments possessed an uncanny ability to spring back into their original shape when bent.

A jagged gash marred the side of the object, and through it, the boys glimpsed small, rapidly moving figures within.

It wasn’t until 2003, nearly six decades later, following distinguished careers in law enforcement and politics, that Jose and Reme shared their incredible story with Jacques Vallee, a former federal government UFO investigator. In their interview, they described the beings inside the craft as standing four feet tall, with spindly limbs and heads resembling praying mantises.

Frightened, the boys raced home to relay their discovery to their father, who dismissed the incident as a routine military test.


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