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Gravity is responsible for killing every single person who dies from jumping from a plane with no parachute. It also controls the movements of every single planet and star. These celestial bodies revolve around each other, governed by that flimsy force of gravity, and they also all use gravity to pull on us, in ways that none of us ever consented to.

The Moon Controls the Tides — Not Just of the Sea But of the Land

The Moon, of course, is responsible for tides moving in and out. The sea rises up on the side of the Earth that faces the Moon. On the exact opposite side of the Earth, meanwhile, the sea… also rises up, with this bulge of water pointing away from the Moon. Tides are weird like that.


Diagram not to scale. The Moon is much farther away than this. 

This planet of ours also consists of a whole lot of solid rock below that water. The Moon acts on this solid stuff, too. We call this movement the Earth tide, which isn’t a great name, since the ocean is already part of the Earth, so it has other names as well, including “land tide” and “body tide.” Anyway, the Moon yanks up the ground, and then drops it back down. When the Moon is directly overhead in New Orleans, for example, the red parts of this next diagram represent what parts of the ground are being pulled upward.

Rmo13/Wiki Commons

It’s caused by either the Moon or voodoo, we aren’t sure. 

Some of those red parts are covered in ocean, but that makes no difference to what we’re talking about. The ocean, even at its deepest points, is just a tiny insignificant layer on top of the solid ground below it. At high Earth tide, the ground is about a foot higher than at low Earth tide. You just have no way of noticing this, since every point of reference around you has been lifted as well.

The Sun Controls the Tides, Too

Here’s a random fact: Patients with mental problems seem to act up during the full moon. And here’s one theory behind that: The Moon pulls on the…

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