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Looking for the perfect enticement to lure your loved one into the air with you on Valentine’s Day? For those significant others who aren’t pilots or enamored with flight itself, an additional romantic edge can frost the cupcake, so to speak—and translate into a day you’ll both love—and remember.

Here are four suggestions we have for an interlude aloft this February 14th—or for any time you want to celebrate and fly your airplane.

Hit the Heights

Mountain flying to us takes you above and within one of the most romantic of locations to fly—the high country. So if you’re anywhere near the mountains, big or small, our first suggestion is a scenic flight over the most rugged terrain you can find.

So maybe you live on the East Coast, and even the Appalchians or White Mountains seem too far away for a short jaunt. A cruise along the beach can fill the bill just as well. Just be sure to keep a safe distance above the ground—and any people—and note if there are national parks, wilderness areas, or other special use airspace near your route, so you can observe any altitude or time restrictions.

The $300 Filet

You may often fly out for lunch with friends—and the proverbial $100 hamburger or taco—but airport restaurants aren’t just for midday repasts. A few we know break out the white tablecloths (or at least a fine dinner menu) for the evening. Couple this with a stay at a nearby bed and breakfast or airport hotel if you want to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne too.

A few favorites? Madden’s on Gull Lake near Brainerd, Minnesota, or Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands of Washington are two destinations with fine dining that come to mind. You might try Montauk too, if you’re near Long Island, New York. Catalina Island combines both stunning terrain and a famous airport restaurant, if you’re in Southern California.

A Personal Tour

Marking a special occasion becomes even more magical when you return to places where you first fell…

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