2024 Total Solar Eclipse Brings NASA New Opportunities to Study the Sun and Earth’s Mysteries | UAP

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NASA officials said on Tuesday that the space agency is planning to conduct a wide array of science experiments during the 2024 total solar eclipse next month, which will focus on gaining insights into a mysterious region of the Sun and how it affects the Earth.

“It’s a rare sight,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said of the upcoming celestial event during Tuesday’s media briefing. “Unusual things start to happen as the normal rhythms of the Earth are disrupted.”

“As the day appears to turn to dusk, and then dark, people have heard birds stop singing. They’ve seen giraffes suddenly begin to gallop. Roosters start crowing, and crickets begin to chirp. So watch for these unusual behaviors,” Nelson said.

“Eclipses have a special power,” Nelson added. “They move people to feel a kind of reverence for the beauty of our universe. Their power is not only to unify us on Earth but to further science and discovery.”

NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said the 2024 total solar eclipse will represent “a miracle of our universe.”

NASA officials briefed the media on the 2024 total solar eclipse on Tuesday (Credit: NASA).

“It’s an opportunity to look at three celestial bodies—the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun—in entirely different ways than we usually do,” Melroy added. “Our scientists are going to take full advantage of this celestial event to get invaluable data.”

Melroy said that during the eclipse, a primary focus for NASA will be observing the Sun’s corona.

“This is a very elusive region,” Melroy said, “and it can be viewed during a solar eclipse in a very special way.”

Melroy explained that understanding the Sun’s corona is “key to understanding fundamental questions about how heat and energy are transferred out into the solar wind, which contributes to our understanding not just to of solar dynamics, but also how solar flares and the solar wind will affect life here on Earth.”


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